Replica Rolex and Longines watches are not comprehensive

Replica Rolex and Longines watches are not comprehensive

There are many brands of replica watches, big brands are not necessarily good, and small brands are not necessarily bad. But from the perspective of pretending, the effect of big brands is still the strongest. As far as Jianming’s small-scale observation is concerned, in the Chinese circle, there are two watch brands that everyone knows, whether he understands the replica watch or not: Longines, Rolex.

Among them, the most famous is replica Rolex. The logo of the big crown shines. Whatever wears Patek Philippe, wears RM, and wears Jaeger-LeCoultre have to go back a little. Yes, in the eyes of ordinary people, the truth is so cruel. Therefore, if you want to make a New Year’s Eve, Rolex is the first choice; if the budget is not enough, Longines will do. However, Longines is best to choose the dress model first. Only the dress watch can show the brand temperament of Longines most perfectly.

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However, the styles of fake Rolex and Longines are not comprehensive. You can’t buy watches from only these two brands. At this time, you can also choose from another dimension: shape. Relatives and friends will not ignore you as long as the appearance is good enough. Many watches on the market are a small round case, a simple black or white dial, and then add ordinary hands and scales. If you want to pull the wind, so simple it must be 8 lines.

The easiest way is to wear a fake watches with a large size that is too big to be seen by others. For example, replica Panerai, Breitling and Blancpain have many large-diameter works, which are unforgettable. Of course, the large watch diameter also has a disadvantage. If the watch is larger, the details will be enlarged. If it is a rough watch, it will have a negative effect. It is better not to wear it. Buy a large watch and try to buy one above 10,000 yuan.

The second method is to make a fuss on the dial, use a rare color (except for black, white and gray), or add some conspicuous patterns. Such as green plate, red plate, purple plate, gradient color, smoke color, contrast color … and so on.

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